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10 things about Raffles that your teachers never told you

1. That he was a Freemason who was using the dark and notorious secret society to dominate trade in the Malay World.

2. That he was against all forms of religions with exception of a brand of Muscular Christianity that promoted Imperialism.

3. That he was a racist who felt that Malays, Chinese, Indians and Arabs were inferior and that the English was above all mankind.

4. That he justified human sacrifice in as long as the people who practised it welcomed British Rule.

5) That he ravaged the economy of island Java with his self-serving policies thereby causing mass suffering.

6) That he was in competition with Farquhar towards establishing Singapore as a base of Imperialism in the East.

7) That he had grand designs to deprive Malay rulers of their powers and position in order to amass wealth for himself and his country.

8) That he was responsible for the massacre of civilians in Bencoolen and the mutilation of the body of an Arab Sayyid.

9) That he tricked the Malays into giving all their heirlooms and prized possessions under the pretext of safeguarding the things on their behalf.

10) That Sang Nila Utama and not him was the Founder of Singapore but that Icon of Singapore has so often been sidelined in the pages of our History.

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Rethinking Raffles: A Study of Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles’ Discourse on Religions amongst Malays


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  • Abdul Rahman 23 April 2013, 11:50 am

    Great stuff! Can you also provide your sources/citations to complete this excellent piece?

  • arill 23 April 2013, 3:27 pm

    Salaam,where can this book be purchased and how much for a copy?

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