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A Long yet Insightful Message sent to me by a Malay based in the Middle East

A Long yet Insightful Message sent to me by a Malay based in the Middle East

Salaam Akhi. Alhamdulillah, I’m glad you’re being honest enough to share your thoughts in a candid manner which I’m not surprised may not be palatable to the community or even our leaders.

Well, we need this sort of wake-up call given the pace of transformations S’pore has been going through over the years.

You call this tsunami & I can’t disagree more as I would say that I’m fortunate to feel the pulse of change.

Therein lies my concern that after more than 10 years & following the trend though away from Home, I could sense the culture of patronizing our Malays still prevalent & lack of a ‘revolutionary change’ to overcome the institutional & personality constraints.

What I mean is that yes we don’t deny the community is making progress but not in leaps & bounds & the various institutional & personality stakeholders are comfortable with this.

It seems nobody wants to rock the boat & you aptly refers to our people at the bottom of the cabin. I’ve shared same apology that the S’pore Inc ship is moving forward but need capable crews.

If our Malays don’t fit the bill, they’ll find others to replace us. It’s happening already.

This moves me to your critical part of the discussion on the White Paper as there’s much thoughts which must be given by our community leaders & stakeholders cos of bigger ramifications to the future of our community.

If this White Paper is radical to S’poreans, then our community needs radical programmes to ride this wave of change.

Of course, you’re right Education, education, education is important for our community. I kind of like this phrase cos in real estate, we always say location, location & location is premium.

To me what’s also important is the connectivity & opening doors of opportunities both for academic advancement & employment.

This is world of who knows who & not just know what. People move up the ladder cos they know someone inside. Between 2 equally-qualified candidates, the person with connectivity will get the job or scholarship.

Yes we have more graduates now but are they getting into good jobs? It’s all about connectivity.

We need to have connectivity to open doors for our graduates & skilled professionals both for employment in Sg & overseas. Yes our Malays must be prepared to work overseas.

It is Fardhu Kifayah as it is also our obligation to share & benefit others. We need more of our Malays to embrace these Islamic values to plug & ride on this global tsunami.


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