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Peace to All! Welcome to my blog, a place where I share some of my innermost thoughts and writings about the ways to Revive, Rejuvenate and Reform my life and, hopefully, the Lives of you readers out there.

A bit about myself. I was born and bred in the eastern part of Singapore, a place reputed for being a Malay enclave since many centuries ago. Although I could trace my family roots back to some remote places in the Arab World and South Asia, I am, in essence, Muslim at Heart. A Hybrid who would occasionally try out European, East Asian and any cuisines that aren’t too expensive but taste just as well, I love working out after having big meals to keep myself fit and healthy.

By day, I work as an Associate Professor at the National University of Singapore. A historian by training, specializing in the history and social life of Muslims in Southeast Asia, I am always keen to share my findings to chart a bright future ahead for everyone. “A Historian for the Present” is what I like to call myself.

By evening, I am at home spending time with my family before leaving for some few hours to do voluntary work for the community. I enjoy trekking with my wife and five kids during the weekends. My nights, unlike most superheroes, are normally dedicated to reading, writing and reflecting. I am a big fan of deep meditation and spiritual contemplation.

I travel a lot overseas these days to give talks and to inspire the youths from as many countries to do great things for themselves and their societies. This blog is created precisely toward that end. What I look forward to achieve through this site is the creation of a confident, energetic, knowledgeable and cosmopolitan crop of Muslims who will contribute to the making of a flourishing civilization that would benefit all mankind.

I hope you will enjoy the blogging journey with me. I look forward to learning from comments made by friends, friends of friends and all you good folks out there.

Last of all, if there are any institutions, groups or movements out there that are interested to have me deliver talks based on the things that I have written or other related issues, I can be contacted at aljunied1976@gmail.com. I hope to hear from you soon.

May the little time we all have to read and shared through the postings and my talks bring much good to us all!

You can find out more about me here.