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Ask Dr K

In this page, I provide answers to many queries from members of the public on issues relating to life, work and family. I hope this post will help you to Reflect, Rejuvenate and Reform your way of life.

Love for Knowledge  Question: Assalamu’alaikum Prof. Have something to ask, Can you share some tips on inculcating the love of knowledge among young kids? I have a 5 year-old child and feel this is an important stage where i can instill them to learn and explore things. Answer: Waalaikum salam. Thanks for asking a question Read More

Question: Hi Dr K, So sorry to disturb you. I have a quick question. You mentioned in one of your talks that good habits are the keys to anyone’s success, in studies, work and so on. But you didn’t elaborate much on this. I am just starting out in my workplace. Can you share some Read More

Question: Dear Dr Syed, I read the 4Ps post and benefit a lot from it. Am hoping to put to practice what you have shared though punctuality has always been a problem for me. It’s time to change : ( I have question on Time. I see that you travel a lot. You are also Read More