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Lessons of Life

Checklist for Men and Women above 30 years old

Burn Excess Fat

Exercise Regularly

Sleep Early

Wake up with Enthusiasm

Eat nutritious Food

Avoid late Hang Outs

Spend Quality time with Loved Ones

Help the Poor

Defend the Weak

Enrich the Mind with Reading

Nourish the Soul with Learning

Fill the Heart with Wisdom

Be closer to God like you never did Before

The Seven Musical Notes of A Happy Marriage Life

Do – Do Say without fail, I love you

Re – Re-live those Moments when you both were in a Deep State of Romance

Mi – Mi-x Humour and Fun with a Sense of Responsibility towards Each other

Fa – Fa-scinate your Spouse with Gifts and Kind Words

So – So-journ to Faraway Lands together to Develop Trust and Understanding

La – La-bour hard to Keep your Bodies Fine and Fit for your Lover to see

Ti – Ti-ghten the Knot of Your Relationship by Being Patient in Adversity

Do – Do Pray Unceasingly that the Marriage will be Blessed

You do not have to be The Best.

For you are already the Best by time you Enter into this World.

But You have to show to the One who Created you,

That you have done your Level Best.

To be like the Best,

To be with the Best.

That you will work your hearts and minds to their Fullest Potential,

Day in day out, to be worthy of threading in the Paths of the Best.

The Rest is History that You, Young people out there, will Carve with your Own Hands.

Keep on Going for the World is Watching out for the Best of Mankind to Emerge!

On Writing Books

Writing Books is akin to Being Married. Perhaps it is Marriage, by other means, in other words.

One starts with an Ideal Plan and a well-laid out Structure of how the Book will Look like. Everything seems Doable and Easy.

And then the real writing starts. All those plans and beautiful dreams of what the book should be or would be falls flat in the face of New Discoveries, of Tough Realities.

The Point is to keep on Going, and to tell oneself and one’s companion – the Pen or the Spouse, whichever suits you – that things will eventually work out. That we are in this together and we will End what we Started.

There are humps along the way. There will be bumps that put us in highs and lows. And missed opportunities that will make us jump, like we never used to.

And there will surely be encounters with the unknown, with the wise and good folks which will make you feel….the Best is Yet To Come. That Writing a Book will Keep you Happy ever after, Like Being Married.

When the Book is finally Done, the writer and the faithful companion would look back at those words that flowed, those days that went so slowly.

Those sweat and tears, pain and gain, that made Writing, in as much as Being Married, A Special and Joyful Experience in Life.

That is why I love Writing Books.

On Choosing Friends

On Choosing Friends

One who is Wise,
Will not Befriend,
Other than a person who has a Vision for Himself,
Who is strong in his Faith,
Who has Vast Knowledge,
Who is of Fine Character,
Whose Mind is manifestly Matured,
Whose Manners are Refined,
And whose time is spent with none other than among the Learned and the Pious.