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Ghetto Boy meets Harlem Blacks

Every time I travel overseas, I always look forward to looking at how poor people live to remind myself again of my younger days. Today, I spent time at Harlem’s poorest ghettos to meet up with blacks who are concerned about the state of their community.

The three people in this picture are community activists who told me that they are all “broken”. Their minds been telling them that they can never be Somebody. Why? Because the family, the community, the schools and everybody gave them little hope for the future. What all of this has culminated to is the destruction of the lives many of their own generation. They want to change that by teaching their kids to be Proud of their history, their community and to carve their own destiny.

I wonder sometimes whether the minds of my own people are “broken”. If it is, what then could be done to change it? Have we been telling ourselves that we can never be Somebody?


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