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Love for Knowledge 


Assalamu’alaikum Prof. Have something to ask, Can you share some tips on inculcating the love of knowledge among young kids? I have a 5 year-old child and feel this is an important stage where i can instill them to learn and explore things.


Waalaikum salam. Thanks for asking a question that I ask myself almost everyday. It starts with you and your wife. If you both love knowledge, so will your children. Spend time with your kids in bookshops and libraries. Buy and borrow as many books you can and read with them. Kids learn by SIGHT and SOUND especially from adults like us. If you show to them that you enjoy reading and put much premium on knowledge and education, they will follow suit quite naturally. Also, spend less on luxuries and more on education. Your child will see that knowledge is more important for his/her life than things. They will grow up loving Knowledge above and beyond Things. Wasalam.


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