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Looking beyond Exams

To parents out there who are so overly worried that PSLE or any exams whatsoever will make or break your children’s Life, let me just say that I too was an average student during my primary school years up until I finished A levels.

And I too had seen friends who did so well in their studies early in Life. But so many are now lost in a world of their own, not achieving anything for themselves. Not doing anything to make the lives of people around them better.

To do well in studies is but one Key to Success in Life. It is not the only Factor. In Singapore, many fail to see beyond examination scores hence they become Failures in Everything Else except exams.

We need to be Balanced in Our Upbringing of Children and look beyond the Horizons of Paper Qualifications. Not that Education is unnecessary. It is a crucial thing that one needs for a better life. But the craze for high grades, at the expense of a child’s ability to realize his/her fullest potential at the pace he/she is able to cope, has made us Singaporeans akin to becoming Monsters.

Let’s change this silly trend. PSLE, O Levels, A Levels and so on are but beacons in the lives of our children not Life in Itself.

And our children are in need of us to bring them up as Persons who Love Knowledge just as they would learn to appreciate People around them and Excel in the things they do for the Benefit of Mankind. Most importantly, we need to nurture them to contribute back to their Parents who cared for them.

Photo Credit: Fair Chance Nepal via Compfight cc

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