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On the 4 Habits


Hi Dr K,

So sorry to disturb you. I have a quick question. You mentioned in one of your talks that good habits are the keys to anyone’s success, in studies, work and so on. But you didn’t elaborate much on this. I am just starting out in my workplace. Can you share some of the good habits that I should have?


There are many good habits that I can think of, but for you, I will emphasize on 4Ps

Punctuality – Be anywhere you need to be on time, finish your work on time and be concerned about time all the time. One who is always Late will be get their breakthroughs pretty Late in Life. You do not have to be Historian to know this.

Purpose – Always set your main Purpose in doing anything and everything. What you want to get out of it and what you hope to achieve at the end of the day. When you get your Purpose of LIfe and Work right in your Head and stamped in your Heart, you will be motivated to keep fighting even in worst of times.

Persistence – Never give up and never give in to bad thoughts. If you believe in the things that you are doing, in the profession that you are in and the people you are in charge of, keep persisting in the paths that you have chosen. Oftentimes, one does not need to be Ultra Smart to be Successful. One just have to have the Stamina to finish the Race.

Piety – Believe in God and stick closely to your religious beliefs. The more pious you are, the more you will see the Larger Purpose of Life and of you being in the position that you are in right now. Pious people tend to pray and meditate a lot to gather their thoughts and calm their hearts. Do it and you will amazed how much POWER you will get from it.

Hope you will do well, God Willing.


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