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Reflections on Early Life

Unlike most Singaporeans of my generation, I was born not at KK Hospital but in a HDB flat at Eunos Crescent.

My mum was in labour pains one early morning so my auntie had to just double up as a midwife as baby Khairudin was more than ready to take on the world. The story goes that I was plain blue when I came out and everyone thought this boy won’t make it. I did somehow.

We were in a four room flat. But there was seldom a time when the flat had less than 10 people living together. Grandparents, uncles, aunties and so forth were with us as they prepared themselves for the difficult life ahead of them. I learnt from my parents the Virtue of Helping Others no matter how little we had.

But we did well somehow amidst so many difficulties in life and despite the fact that my parents had to struggle hard to raise five children.

Walking by this place brings back old memories of friends and families, of sacrifices and serenity. If we think that our lives are tough and sometimes difficult to surmount, try listening to the stories of the past generation.

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