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Teach our Children the True Purpose of Life

There is a tendency among today’s parents to reward their kids too much and too quickly even with the smallest things that their children have done. While it is good to give your child things in form of toys and other related stuff, there are studies that show that unmanaged showering of gifts can lead to a given child thinking that any good deed would logically lead to some tangible benefits.

This will be bad for the child later on in Life. Why? Because they will learn that material rewards are their primary sources of motivation not the inner feeling of doing things right for their own sake and for others. They will become persons in society who do good deeds for good things and not for the higher purpose of becoming good people.

Our duty then is to teach our children that life is more than about material rewards, money and so forth. Life is about maximizing one’s fullest potential. Our children and ourselves must learn that we will only fully discover our potential by making mistakes. For those mistakes and not the rewards, would eventually help us to overcome greater challenges in life in the road to become a Refined Human Being (Insanul Kamil).

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