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The Prophet’s Life

So much time and effort are put in by Muslims in Singapore and beyond arguing over whether the Prophet’s birthday is to be celebrated or not. I have decided to not join in the fray and do something else rather more productive in the light of the first Revelation given to Muhammad; to READ deeply into his life, his tears, his family and his struggles for Humanity. May God assist us to be like this man who shunned arguing and who was so much in favour of the Unity of Men. Muhammad is Our Prophet whose Courage was guided by the Power of Truth. Read about Him, Live up to His Struggles and Follow Him in all Manners, Deeds and Worship. For indeed, “I (Muhammad) have left among you two matters by holding fast to which, you shall never be misguided: Allah’s Book and my Sunna (narrated by Malik in his Muwatta).”
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