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Turn our homes into havens of knowledge

I visited an old friend yesterday whom I knew back in the days when I was student in London. A learned man whose speeches never fail to touch hearts, he is now married to his childhood friend – a scholar in her own right. They are now blessed with three beautiful children. As I entered into his house, what struck me as most apparent are not decorative items and nice looking vases, certificates and other trophies of success but books, books and books. Help yourself with books, was one of those things her wife said to me. We started talking about old times and, soon enough, the discussions veered into issues in society that require attention. On how ignorance in particular has besieged the Muslims.

Ignorance, according to my esteemed friend, Dr Shadee Masry, has made the hearts of many Muslims dark. It has placed them in a position of weakness. It has exposed them to too many evils and bad habits. There is perhaps no other way for us to be respected, no other way to regain our legacies, other than to go back to the culture of deep learning and contemplation. And he manifest it. For not only was his home a haven of knowledge where both husband and wife talk and share a lot of things they knew and read, there soon came a small visitor who wanted make friends with an uncle from Singapore. Adorable, articulate and blessed with sparkling green eyes was their one and a half year old daughter whose gesture of friendship to me was not to say “Hi” but to pass me none other than a book! She knew what I wanted.

Let’s turn our homes not into Hubs of Decorations but Havens of Knowledge!

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