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Two Steps Backward, A Giant Leap Ahead

Two Steps Backward, A Giant Leap Ahead

One of the hazards of growing up in a so-called First World City like Singapore is that we are always made to embrace the belief that Failure is not an Option. We crave for Success to a point of Addiction. We compare ourselves to Others, all the time, every time, constantly looking over our shoulders to a point of losing grip of what we are actually created to do. We run other peoples’ race and are unceasingly in fear of losing when we are supposed to determine our paths and run as fast as we can in that very path. We are confused, apprehensive of failures and have ceased to become Ourselves.

Little wonder then that Singaporeans are now confronted mental problems of all sorts. CEOs, Managers, Teachers, Professors, Students, Mothers, now than ever before, suffering from deep psychoses they themselves could not figure where and when that mental breakdowns came from. I am no psychiatrist. But I do know that the minds of the Best in the Country have been torn asunder by this Fear of Failure that affects us all.

The Prophet once said that, “Whoever Allah wishes good for, He tests them.” Tests, failures and afflictions, in this formulation, are necessary for anyone to get ahead in life. With failure actually comes goodness and with tests, the hope of a better life ahead. As we get back to work and try to cope with this fear of failure that has besieged us all, perchance it would be wise to take heed that there are moments when we need to accept that what makes us Human is the fact that often Err and that We so Often Fail. But Failures are Just Two Steps Backward to prepare ourselves for that Giant Leap Ahead.

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